Joe Hooper is a Native American musician who was born in Montana and currently lives outside of Missoula. Joe plays guitar and produces most of his own music from his home studio.

He has always loved music and believes it became ingrained in him at an early age. His parents brought him up in church where he heard and eventually learned to sing many sacred hymns. He comes from a musical family on both his mother’s side and his father’s side. Joe says, “My dad, my brother, and most of my uncles play guitar, so picking one up for myself was an easy thing to do. From there, I just kept at it until I started taking classical guitar lessons in college.”

Joe graduated from Gonzaga University with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance and Composition. Joe creates music for Native American Flute and Guitar, solo guitar hymns, and also performs religious music for various functions. He also composes music for various ensembles.